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Pozzuoli B&B's and Flegrea area

BB-Napoli chose the best bed & breakfast in flegrea area, delightful places to Pozzuoli, Baia, Bacoli, Cape Miseno, Cuma. Book by comparing the various B&B with all comforts, for your unforgettable vacation in the Gulf of Pozzuoli and Flegrea area, where beautiful coastline overlooking the sea, beaches, landscapes and architectural beauty.

Blue Dream Pozzuoli
PLACE : Pozzuoli
 starting from:
35,00 €
» Via G. Chiaro, 11
Cell: +39 338 467.56.36
Cell: +39 338 467.56.35
Villa Giulia
PLACE : Bacoli
starting from:
60,00 €
» Via Cuma Licola, 178
Tel: +39 081 854.01.63
Theatre Domus
PLACE : Capo Miseno, Bacoli
starting from:
35,00 €
» Via Celle, 6
Cell: +39 368 92.69.60
Flegrea House
PLACE : Pozzuoli
 starting from:
30,00 €
» Via C. Colombo
Cell: +39 368.92.69.60
Pozzuoli Flegrea Area and overview
pozzuoli gulf

Pozzuoli, with its millenial history, is the most important centre of  Campi Flegrei(flegrei means burning, this meaning is related to the volcanic characteristics ). Some craters delineated its forms, in these craters there are: lacustrine waters,sea waters or cultivated fields. The most ancient volcanic eruptions occurred about 35.000 years ago, the most recent eruption occurred in 1538,this one created "Monte Nuovo",which is the youngest European Volcano.

Lakes, seas, gulfs, baies, inlets,  promontories, islands, cliffs, hills,pine forests, solfataras and  baths make this fascinating and tormented land an unequalled place in the world. This area rich of history was praised in the past by some poets and writers, so stories and legends have been created about Zeus and Hercules, Enea, Ulisse, Miseno, Baiano, Diomede and some other figures that lived in this area, such as Catullo, Orazio, Cesare, Lucullo, Pisone, Pompeo; Bruto, Virgilio, Agrippina, Nerone, Plinio, Catone l'uticense, Caligola, Properzio Strabone and Stazio.

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